Price List for Safe Site Points

Site generation is based on a point system. If you buy points you can use them for both Bing Ads and Adwords sites. Bing Ads sites cost 1 point, while Adwords sites cost 2 points. As example, if you buy 1 adwords site you get 2 points which you could also use to generate 2 Bing Ads sites.
Bing Ads Site
(1 Point)
  • 1 Bing Ads Safe Site
  • Use for personal or a client
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Adwords Site
(2 Points)
  • 1 Google Adwords Safe Site
  • Use for personal or a client
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Volume Package 1
(10 Points)
  • 10 Bing Ads Safe Sites
  • Use for personal or a client
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Volume Package 2
(20 Points)
  • 10 Adwords Safe Sites
  • Use for personal or a client
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Site points are interchangeable!
A Bing Ads site requires 1 point, Adwords sites 2 points. For example, if you get 2 points you can either create 2 Bing Ads sites or 1 Adwords site.
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Start building fast, beautiful and modern looking websites in no time which are 100% compliant with all major Ad networks such as Bing Ads and Google Adwords using our AI system.

Sites that will be generated for Bing Ads are a bit simpler, they come with up to 20 posts and the scraped text is unspinned. Adwords sites have generally higher requirements, so the scraped text is additionally spinned to be more unique and the system will add up to 30 posts per site.

There are two versions of sites, a simpler version for Bing Ads that requires 1 point and a more advanced site for Google Adwords that requires 2 points. If you purchase a package for Adwords, you receive 2 points that you can use to create either 1 Adwords site, or 2 Bing Ads sites.

There are two different volume packages, one gives 10 points the other 20 points that can be used for any available site. For example if you buy 10 points, you can either create 5 Adwords sites or 10 Bing Ads sites. You could also mix the points as you want and create say 4 Bing Ads sites and 3 Adwords sites.

After you login you will be directed to the members area. Here you can see your available points and can also purchase new ones, or start to create a new site whenever you want. There is no waiting time, right after your purchase is verified, the points get added to your account and can be used right away.

All you need to provide is a login to your Wordpress install. It needs to be a freshly installed Wordpress without any modifications! Please keep that in mind or the system might have issues properly setting up the blog. Again, it needs to be a clean install. After the site is generated, you can add more plugins or do any changes you want.

Getting access is simple, just create a free Account and verifiy your Email address. After that you can access your account and purchase points to generate sites. You can only create one account per Email, so make sure to save your login details. If you forget your password, you can always reset it through your Email account.

Of course the sites can also be used for other advertising networks. They where tested to work with Bing Ads and Adwords, the biggest networks out there. If they got accepted on those, they will also be accepted by others. We make sure that they pass all requirements to be approved.

The created sites are your property, that means you can use them for whatever purpose you want, including reselling sites to your customers.

Launch your campaigns safe with our automated site creation system.
Change the way you build safe sites.

With Legit.site you can create websites for your marketing campaigns faster than ever before, anytime you want. It only takes a few minutes.

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